South Florida Bass & Peacock Bass Reports 9-19-07

chuck-frank-919-07-011.jpgchuck-frank-919-07-011.jpgchuck-frank-919-07-013.jpgchuck-frank-919-07-015.jpgThe bass fishing in the South Florida Everglades continues to be good considering higher water. Bass fishing in Florida really depends on water temperatures and levels especially in the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee. When the water is high and hot the bass tend to be sluggish and head into the heaviest cover or the flats for better oxygen and cooler shady water. The will also suspend on the drop offs in the center of the canals and sometimes head to the bottom. I’m still catching good bass lately as evidence of these fish caught today. I also fished a night bass tournament Friday 9-14-07 and many 20+ limits were brought to the scale with countless stories of the big bass that broke people off including myself. The Peacock Bass also tend to bite quite well in hot water and can be fished all year round with good success. We were out two weeks ago and the Peacock Bass in Miami were still actively feeding. Peacock bass love warm to hot water because of their Amazon nature and being a cichlid aren’t overly affected. So if South Florida is a summertime destination for fishing give bass or peacock bass a try in the beautiful Florida Everglades or Miami and Ft. Lauderdale canals. For information on fishing South Florida for Largemouth or Peacock Bass click on link blogroll for great sites. Also check the Amazon blog site for giant Peacock Bass in the Amazon rivers in Brazil. 


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