Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

13 lbs. Peacock Bass14 lbs. Peacock Bass

I just returned from Brazil deep into the Amazon rain forest fishing for Peacock Bass. It was a great experience. The food, service and hospitality of the people was wonderful. We fished for a week and the fishing was a little slow with only 40 Peacock Bass caught up to 16 lbs. The following week was much better with 2 Peacocks caught over 20 lbs and many between 10 and 20 lbs. Peacock Bass are probably the hardest fighting freshwater fish that swim! Most Peacocks are caught with topwater propeller type lures which can really excite the heart rate. Jigs and minnow type jerkbaits are also effective along with fly fishing techniques. If you are ever interested in more information about Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon or South Florida search the side link blogroll for great informational sites.



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