South Florida Bass & Peacock Bass Reports 01-05-08

paul-arnie-hardin-1-5-08-005.jpgpaul-arnie-hardin-1-5-08-016.jpgpaul-arnie-hardin-1-5-08-011.jpgThe New Year in South Florida for bass fishing and peacock bass fishing has started off good and only to get better. We are experiencing low water levels and warm weather which means good early season fishing. The peacock bass love hot water and weather which is coming soon in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area. Largemouth Bass fishing in the South Florida Everglades is getting good early this year because of the lower water levels we are having. The bass are forced off the flats when the water receeds for the swamps which provides an easy target to catch bass from the canals. Lake Okeechobee water levels are very low but the fishing remains quite good. For more information on catching Peacock Bass or Largemouth Bass in South Florida e-mail at or call me for up to date reports at (954) 445-1811.


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