Peacock Bass Fishing

Mike Greico's 4 lb. Peacock Bass in Miami

Mike Greico who decided for his fifth time to fish with us was rewarded with a nice day Peacock Bass fishing in Miami. One day one we started in the Florida Everglades for largemouth bass and boated about 80 bass up to 4 lbs. Mike decided on the second day to try for peacock bass which he’s never caught before. Mike landed this beautiful 4 lb. peacock which he never knew could fight that hard. He’ll be back to catch these beauties soon in the not to distant future I’m positive of that. If you’ve never experienced these awesome fighting fish contact us for more information at  or call me at (954) 445-1811. Please visit us at our websites at and for trips to the Amazon for Giant Peacock Bass fishing adventures. 


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