Everglades Bass Fishing

 It’s fantastic largemouth bass fishing in the Florida Everglades over the last two months and getting better daily now that the spawn is about over. We’ve had multiple trips with fish catches at 100 bass per day! Now that the water levels are down the big female bass will be feeding well and often after spawning rituals are over. I can’t explain how much fun catching this many fish has changed my outlook on fishing since I’ve moved to South Florida. With 25 years of bass fishing experience in South Florida on Lake Okeechobee & the Florida Everglades I’m sure I can help you have a great experiencing South Florida’s great fisheries. E-mail me at floridafishing@bellsouth.net for information on booking a guided trip to Ft. Lauderdale /Miami areas or call (954) 445-1811.

100 Largemouth Bass caught today 2-2-2011

Florida Everglades Bass Fishing


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