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Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Victor Campbells 5 lb. Peacock Bass

It’s been a little colder than usual for South Florida Peacock Bass fishing this winter in South Florida. Our numbers for trips are still decent for this type weather pattern. As the weather gets warmer so will the fishing get much better. You can expect to catch between 10 to 25 peacock bass for each fishing trip depending on frontal conditions. Live been has been the best choice and will continue to catch fish even in the worst conditions. Artificial lures will do better when the water gets hotter in the next month or so. Check out www.southfloridafishing.org or e-mail me at floridafishing@bellsouth.net or call (954) 445-1811 for current fishing reports or to book a trip for peacock bass or largemouth bass anywhere in South Florida.


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